Mailing Lists

We have three mailing lists: for notifications to walkers for notifications to social members for items of general bushwalking interest

These are private groups for notifications of last-minute changes to the walks or social events to all members, from either the walks leader or social convener.

All members on the list will be notified of any changes, it is up to you whether to reply or not.

Replies will only be sent to the originator of the message (usually the walks leader or socials organiser).

This allows you to receive and respond to a notification, even if you have not signed on for the event.

The TBWCgeneral group is set up as a place to post items likely to be of general interest to club members. Articles from Bushwalking Queensland, NPWS and any other bushwalking related items will be posted. All members on this list can also post to it, so it can be used as a place for general discussion. Please keep posts to topics likely to be of interest to all members.

Once you agree to join the Walkers or Social lists, you will get notifications by email rather than phone, unless the matter is very urgent.

List membership will be by invitation or subscription request only, and the list is not publicly accessible without a membership.

If we missed you, and you want to be added to the lists, please send email to whichever list you want to join, note that you need to subscribe to all groups if you want to receive social, walker and general notifications, the three lists have separate memberships.

You need to send this request from the email address for which you want to be subscribed. Usually that will be the email address you use for the newsletter distribution, but it does not have to be, it can be any email address you use regularly.

The email addresses to use to subscribe are:
The secretary has to approve the application.

Members can choose to unsubscribe at any time, by sending email to:

Once you are accepted as a member of a list, you may put just "list" on a sign-on sheet, then the organiser knows that you can be contacted via the list, rather than by phone.