Event Calendar

We do require non members, as well as inexperienced members, to contact the walk leader first to get their approval to attend the club walk.

Please advise the activity leader of your experience level in relation to the proposed walk. It will also allow the activity leader to discuss walk and other requirements with you.

Intending participants, please attend the meeting prior to the walk to obtain final, up-to-date details.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, contact the leader prior to the date of the walk. Choose events that suit your experience level.

Remember if you are walking, take with you appropriate gear. For example- walking boots or shoes, a hat, water, sunscreen your food, a day pack and a sense of humour.

And of course social activities are a chance to meet other members and enjoy a meal and a drink.

Walks are often rated. Check the walk rating and assess its difficulty in terms of your experience, ability and fitness.

Our complete calendar can be found here

Instructions to link the calendar to your smart phone
If you have an Android phone, and a Gmail account, you can integrate this calendar into either the phone or your Google calendar from a PC or tablet. You should also be able to do this with an iPhone, Google provides to connect to those too.
There is help available from Google at: https://support.google.com/calendar/topic/13950?hl=en-GB

Here is how to add the Bushwalkers calendar to your account:

From a PC, log on to your Google ( Gmail ) account from a Web browser. Open your calendar. See the attached screenshot. One the left, just under the red 'Create' button and the little calendar month view, you see 'My Calendar' and 'Other calendars', and a box 'Add a friends calendar'. Click on the box ( on your browser - not the screenshot ! ), and you get a dialog box with 'Contact Email'. Enter tbwcsecretary@gmail.com and click 'Add'

The calendar named Toowoomba Bushwalkers should now show up in the 'Other Calendars' list. Rolling your mouse over the name shows a drop-box arrow alongside it, and opening that allows to change various settings.

You can choose a color for the entries for that calendar, to show them as separate from your own. I use green, like our website background color.

You should now see the entries in Bushwalkers calendar.

You can also switch off and on either your personal calendar view, or the Bushwalkers one as you like. Switching off the view does not delete the calendar itself, just hides it from the display.

You can click on any entry, and read the details, but you will not be able to edit the Toowoomba Bushwalkers ones. Try it for the entry I added for the 12th January 'Canoe Trip'.

Once you have that set up, the calendar should also be available on your phone.

On the phone, launch your calendar app.

Press Menu and select "More", or "Calendars to display" ( depends which Android version you have ) Then press "Calendars to Sync" and the Toowoomba Bushwalkers name should show up in the list. Select it. Wait a minute or so for the phone to grab the data.

Then it should show up on the calendar display.

Like on the PC, you can switch the calendar display to show either or both your personal calendar and the Bushwalkers calendar entries.

This calendar is public, so we can let anyone who wants to use it to follow this procedure and get the calendar on their PC and phone.